It's a cold damp March night. Jessie is laying in one of the hotel beds in Louisiana. She's listening to the drops of rain fall against the window between the thunder rolling in the distance and the nerves of wanting to have a good showing in her debut match has got her on edge to the point she can't sleep. She steps out of the bed and walks into the bathroom. Flipping the switch and turning on the light she glances at the mirror over the sink before walking in view of it. The reflection of a beautiful young Australian girl stares back at her. The stress being clearly evident and written on her face makes her look slightly older than 20 yrs of age. She takes her index finger and rubs it over the features of her face.

Jessie McKay: I've never been so nervous about anything in my life. If I have not as much as I'm nervous about my debut match for the EBWF.

Jessie closes her eyes and tries to picture who the match will be against and how it will go down. She's not even entirely sure where the event will be located but she knows in her mind it's not going to be an easy match as the women's division is full of strong and experienced women who've had more than a year of training and more ring time then she has and with all that stacked against her she can't help but be nervous.

Jessie McKay: I know whomever I will make my debut against won't have the disadvantage of nerves as I do. But I've got to conquer them before that point in time or else it's all going to be a failure or even a waste. You know you can do this Jessie you've got the hurt to give everything you got out there in that ring and maybe even something more if you can find it in yourself to do it.

The mental image of earlier in the night when she was in the arena practicing running the ropes at the River Center starts to whiz through her mind like a Nascar. It was intense just standing in the ring in front of a bunch of empty bleachers she will admit that. She can only imagine how she will feel being in the ring for the first time in front of a sold out American crowd.

Jessie McKay: Jessie McKay: Despite all the obstacles I must overcome.... I honestly believe I am entitled to overcome. I do despite my nerves have the hunger to prove I deserve to have a spot on the roster and that Wes didn't make the wrong decision when he hired me over someone else. I want to prove that I do have a passion for this business and that I take it seriously and unlike most people my age who break in that I have a passion for it and not just after some fame.

She's snapped out of the discussion with her reflection by the sound of Six Pence None The Richer's Kiss Me from the other room. She quickly head back into the other room and grabs her mobile phone off of the table beside the bed click one of the buttons that opens the message and reads "Good Luck in Your Debut" Lacey. She smiles knowing that her mentor has faith in her to succeed.

11:44 on a Tuesday afternoon. The plane that Jessie McKay was on just landed in Jacksonville, Florida. She goes to hastily make her way out of the plane but before she can even get all the way out of the plane she is bombarded by the flash of cameras. She look at the direction they're coming from and standing there with a camera crew is a man with a microphone in his hand. She just sighs and finishes making her way down the steps as she hits the ground Todd is already at her side.

Jessie McKay: May I Help You, sir?

Todd Grisham: The Name is Todd Grisham, I do all the interviews for the EBWF. I was sent her to get pictures of you arriving in Jacksonville, Florida for EBWF.Net the current plan is to bill you as a top international star for the Women's Division.

Jessie McKay: I'm sincerely flattered you would think I'm an international superstar and all but I don't have enough ring time under my belt. But I'm ready for my debut match against whomever it may be and been training hard for this moment.

Todd Grisham: Your debut match has been announced on, you will be making your debut against Stacy Keibler. Do you know anything about her?

Jessie McKay: To be honest? No I don't but suppose people could say the same about myself. Which I would guess would make this match interesting as you're going to have two girls going to the ring looking to prove themselves.

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Jessie McKay

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vs Stacy Keibler


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